What books have you been reading?

Quick question: What education books have you been reading? Any takeaways or highlights? Comment below to share.

I know that @bruce.reicher Paula Neidlinger and Randall Tomes just released “Scripted.”

Copyrigheous by Diana Gill is a good resource that I always share on responsible creativity.

Our keynotes from WCCS20 all have books too:

@rachelle.dene.poth is an awesome author in our community:

So is @kristina.holzweiss:

One of our frequent guests Derek McCoy also has a book:

Of course @nathan.lang-raad has this lastest Oz themed release, which is so cool!

@jeremie.gluckman thanks so much! I appreciate the shoutout :slight_smile: I have written a few, working on some new books and blogs!

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Awesome! That’s so exciting! :star_struck: